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Ark: Survival Evolved on Nintendo Switch video

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Ark: Survival Evolved on Nintendo Switch video
posté le 05 Décembre 2018 à 06:43:35, par gamemmocs

Ark CD Keys This survival adventure now allows Switch players to experience an open world experience enjoyed by millions of other players. In ARK players can tame more than 80 dinosaurs conquer their enemies and build incredible buildings wherever they want and when they want!

All this on the map The Island which recreates a prehistoric island of exuberant beauty and full of secrets. It is a "reduced" version based on the edition that appeared for mobile devices. If you want to know more details about the game buy Ark: Survival Evolved Account here is the analysis of ARK Survival Evolved that we did a year ago for the PS4 and Xbox One versions.

Developed in collaboration with Abstraction Games this version integrates all of the open world survival adventure proposed in the original game. In ARK players land on a mysterious prehistoric island where they can explore vast biomes hunt make tools cultivate land and build shelters to survive. With their skills they can kill tame raise and even ride dinosaurs and many other primitive creatures that populate the KRG. Develop your technologies from stone tools to laser guns mounted on T-Rex.

Studio Wildcard releases the latest version of ARK Survival Evolved for Nintendo Switch. Starting today November 30 we can take anywhere this hostile world full of dinosaurs (and two-legged enemies) in which we will have to survive. ARK proposes that we collect resources build our refuge and evolve technology - from stone axes to laser cannons - on an island inhabited by more than 100 types of creatures.

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